Graduate School of Disaster Resilience and Governance

Voices of students

Voices of students

SHIBAHARA Yohei (enrolled in the master’s program in 2020)

I have enrolled as a researcher dispatched from Tamba City municipal office, Hyogo Prefecture. I chose this graduate school because the professors cover a wide range of fields regarding disaster resilience and governance against natural disasters which has been diversifying and increasing in recent years and because the school also provides an excellent atmosphere to learn about disaster reduction and mitigation. I am planning to carry out research that only I can do. I also would like not only to make use of the outcome for disaster reduction and mitigation for the city but also to disseminate all over the country to utilize it widely.

MATSUBARA Makoto (enrolled in the master’s program in 2019)

I have been carrying out research under the theme of “Disasters and Reporting by the Media” as I used to be a radio personality while I was an undergraduate student. This graduate school features that students can have a one-to-one consultation with a professor with an extensive knowledge of disaster reduction. I feel at ease as I can seek advice not only from my supervisor but also from other professors when I have difficulty in my research and future path.

NUKUI Emiko (enrolled in the doctoral program in 2019)

I have enrolled in the doctoral program to carry out further practical research regarding disaster reduction and mitigation for special education schools. A wide range of research fields provided by professors, their attitude focusing on people and their life in affected areas, and their commitment to put in practice are characteristic of this graduate school. Unique lectures and discussions with professors and fellows in and out of the school overturn your “common sense” that you thought you had already read and known. You will be hooked with such lectures and discussions.

ISHIMIZU Erika (enrolled in the master’s program in 2018, graduated in 2020)

I entered the graduate school as a second generation student and carried out research with the theme of volcano disaster reduction. While I attended the graduate school, I was stimulated every single day by professors and students with a variety of expert knowledge and experiences so that I could learn many things theoretically and practically. I currently work for a consulting firm specializing in disaster reduction, mitigation and safety, making use of my experiences.

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